A Letter to President Trump


Dear Mr. President,

From your first days in the Oval Office, it has been clear that one of your priorities is keeping a vital auto industry in America.

We know you are a strong advocate for America's auto sector and dedicated to creating more auto jobs. And, we know you care deeply about keeping new cars affordable so more Americans can buy them.

On behalf of the almost 10 million auto workers we employ and support in this country and everyone aspiring to buy a new car or truck, we thank you.

Yet for all this, your Administration is now considering the possibility of increasing import tariffs on autos and auto parts, including imports from countries where we have had long-standing, mutually beneficial trading relationships.

While we understand that you are working to achieve a level playing field for trade to create more jobs, raising tariffs is the wrong approach.

We have come together as a united U.S. auto industry —domestic and international automobile manufacturers, suppliers, dealers and auto care businesses — to urge your Administration to achieve fair trade through policies that won't jeopardize American jobs, our economy or U.S. technological leadership.

Raising tariffs on autos and auto parts would be a massive tax on consumers who buy or service their vehicles — whether imported or domestically produced. These higher costs will inevitably lead to declining sales and the loss of American jobs, as well as increasing vehicle service and repair costs that may result in consumers delaying critical vehicle maintenance.

Mr. President, we are engaged in a high-stakes global race to drive the next generation of cutting-edge vehicle technologies. Higher auto tariffs will leave less capital for investments in innovations and less competition to promote creative and beneficial technologies. At this pivotal and transformative moment for mobility, misguided U.S. policies affecting advanced vehicle technologies will be damaging to America's auto sector.

We share your commitment to producing more auto jobs, affordable vehicles and technological leadership. To reach these goals, we urge the Administration to take steps that strengthen the U.S. auto industry and create American jobs by growing U.S. exports. This is the winning formula for continuing the resurgence of our auto industry, and we look forward to partnering with you to accomplish these shared goals.